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Like everywhere, here in Napa CA the kitchen is, the center point and heart of the home. It’s where we meet to tell stories, cook together, and relax after a hard day. Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most stressful and expensive home improvements. You can make your home look better and more valuable by remodeling your kitchen with modern features. It will also improve your quality life.

Napa Valley kitchen remodelers know how unique and important a kitchen remodeling project can be. Modern Bat Area kitchens embrace openness. They eliminate cramped, closed kitchens and encourage sharing and communal living. You can also use your smartphone to heat the oven or refill your icebox.

This Napa CA kitchen contractor can help you make small changes or complete a full remodel. They have the expertise and experience to help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams.

  • Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in turning Napa kitchens that were cramped and boxed into welcoming spaces that are functional, beautiful, and comfortable to live in.
  • Our team will help you design the kitchen of your dreams.
  • Our team will work with you to create a beautiful and functional kitchen. This could include re-modelling the space, adding storage, building an addition or removing walls that connect your kitchen and dining areas.

You can add counter space, bar tops and islands to your kitchen with durable materials that will withstand years of use. You can customize your kitchen to the last detail. This includes windows, lighting, radiant heat from the in-floor, and even doors.

Our team listens to what you want and creates a design that meets your expectations. A 3D rendering is created so that you can see the kitchen before it is built. Our team will provide a temporary kitchen if you are staying at your home during the remodeling process. Your lead carpenter will be at your house every day until the project is complete. This ensures that your kitchen is finished on time and within budget.

We are a Napa Valley CA design-build company that can provide accurate cost estimates during the design phase as well as a fixed price prior to construction. Our in-house design team includes lead carpenters and support staff. This makes it easy to handover between the construction and design teams.